Kokoda Trail Trekking Resources

The Kokoda Trail Project

The Kokoda Track is more than a hike, it's an adventure, a challenge, a right of passage, a life changing experience, a pilgrimage. Whatever Kokoda means to you, if you are planning to do it, make sure that you do some planning for it.

So Website kokoda.net.au has Information to help you prepare in the form of

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Kokoda Trail Souvenirs:

There are Maps; big and small, old and new, posters and pocket maps.
And there's the 3D Holographic Crystal and the Bronze Terrain Model.
There's also GIS stuff to download.

Kokoda Trail 3D Terrain Models:

The kokoda.net.au team have created innovative techniques to combine terrain elevation data track data to depict the the kokoda trail traversing the Owen Stanley range.

  • The 3D Laser Etched Holographic Crystal is extremely accurate and is a beautiful example of science and art overlapping.
  • The 3D Terrain Model – Metal Casting is based on the same data as the crystal, but different technique to ensure that the track and the mountains can be enjoyed in a tactile way. The design and casting is all done in Australia.
  • Proceeds from the sale of the Terrain Models contribute to Kokoda Communities through The Kokoda Track Foundation.

Kokoda Trail Maps 2D:

  • Wall Posters from A0 – A3 using 2008 track data, Elevation data from NASA and Army Survey Corps Topographic data.
  • New: In 2008 the Kokoda Trail was plotted using a GPS and the resulting data was used to create a new map of the Kokoda Trail.

The kokoda.net.au team used the 2008 GPS plot data, NASA's SRTM data, hillshading techniques, and identified points of interest and vector data from the 1974 survey to create the new and original Kokoda Trail Map.

  • Strip: Using all the data and techniques applied to create the Kokoda Trail Map 2008, the map has been dissected into 9 sheets and printed on waterproof, tear-resistant sheets with ascent and descent analyses. Keep track of you progress as you go.
  • Anaglyph: Get your red green or red blue glasses out and check out the 3D image. Very cool.
  • Historic: Army Survey Corps Topographic Survey Sheets: Kokoda (8280), Efogi (8479) and Port Moresby (8379).

Also: The team has created an extract from a mosaic of the three sheets so that you can have a single historical A1 topographic sheet that contains the Kokoda Trail region in its original (1974) format. The track data from the 2008 GPS trek has been overlayed for reference.

The Kokoda Trail Geography:

Where are you going and what are you going to need to do when you get there?

kokoda.net.au is about the geography of the Kokoda Trail. Its about up-ness and down-ness it's about maps and terrain. It's about you getting from one end to the other and enjoying it. Checkout the Trek Analyses and the Google Earth Flythrough.

Kokoda Trail Analyses:

The Kokoda Trail Analysis section helps you to understand:

  • Where the Kokoda Trail is?
  • How far is it?
  • How steep it is?
  • How hard is it?
  • What is the terrain like?
  • What is the highest point on the track?
  • What sort of daily effort is involved?
  • To provide information that describes the challenge and demystify the effort required.

Kokoda Trail Fly-through:

Using Google Earth technology, satellite imagery and 2008 track data the team have built an entertaining and hopefully educational, Kokoda Trail Tour. View the terrain and overall experience, from the comfort of a contrived helicopter, as you 'fly through' the valleys, over the ridges and get a sense of the adventure you are about to part-take in.

The Benefits of the Kokoda Trail Project:

Kokoda.net.au aims to support Kokoda communities.

Personal Benefits:

kokoda.net.au aims to help:

  • Prospective trekkers with INFORMATION to understand the need to train,
  • Returning Trekkers with opportunity to share their experience and to offer advise to prospective trekkers
  • Returning Trekkers with opportunities to commemorate their achievements.
  • Friends, Family, Employers, Organizers with rewards, mementos, souvenirs.
  • Kokoda locals by funding charities that help maintain and support the local communities.

Prepare for the Kokoda Trail Experience

The Kokoda Trail is more than a hike, it's an adventure, a challenge, a right of passage, a life changing experience, a pilgrimage - whatever Kokoda means to you, if you are planning to do it, make sure that you do some planning for it.

The more you know about the track, the more likely you will be to prepare. If you understand the terrain, the distances, the up-ness and the down-ness, you will be better able to gauge your preparedness.

Expert Advice:

While the forum is an opportunity for trekkers to share and advise, as experience dictates, there is also a need to have some qualified advice. This is a collection of quotes and links that are attributable and qualified.
i.e.: “ At the bare minimum we need significant education about this, so the people who are going are properly advised of what the risks are. “ - President Australian Medical Association (AMA)